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ultrasound view of a patient's face

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injector verifying for any facial structure that need to be avoided prior to injection
PA injector examining facial anatomy with ultrasound for safe injectable procedures

What Makes Us Shine


We take the privilege of performing aesthetic procedures very seriously.  Because all medical procedures are not without risk, we do everything in our power to reduce those risks as much as possible.  Part of our commitment to your safety is the use of ultrasound.  Prior to any higher risk injectable treatment, we will perform a bedside ultrasound to verify that there are no structures in the area that we want to avoid.  Not only is our founder one of the global pioneers of these techniques, we are one of the only ultrasound-based aesthetic practices in the region.  We also are honored to be trusted to manage and handle complications from our colleagues in the event of need.  We are also proud to offer ultrasound courses which attract injectors from all over the country as part of our drive to create safer industry standards.  We also rely heavily on the use micro-cannulas instead of needle for the injection of dermal fillers which also adds another level of safety from unwanted adverse effects.

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PA using ultrasound to evaluate facial features prior to cosmetic injections
Ultrasound check by PA injector to ensure precise placement of injectables
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1000 Madison St, Oak Park, Illinois 60302


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Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm \  ​​Saturday: 9am - 3pm \  Sunday: Closed

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