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Injectable PRP for acne scars and collagen building.

Description: PRP injections with a cannula can be used to break up tethered acne scarring and increase cell turnover in areas that have become dormant in their healing stage.  We recommend that this service is done 2-3x a year.  

Benefit: This is a great way to add subtle volume and decrease the appearance of acne scars.  

Price:  $750/treatment


PRP for undereye rejuvenation

Description: PRP in the undereye region is a fantastic way to add some brightness in the undereye area.  We do this in the safest way possible, using a cannula which decreases the likelihood of bruising or vessel penetration or damage.  We recommend this service is done 2-3x/year.  

Benefit: PRP Undereye is great for those who want to brighten the undereyes without using traditional filler.  

Price: $750/treatment

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PRP for Hair Growth


Description:  PRP for hair growth is a great way to spur on the growth of hair follicles.  By stimulating the growth factors in the area, injected PRP can improve the blood supply to the hair follicles and increase the thickness of their hair shafts.

Benefit: By doing PRP 2-3x a year, you can keep your hair growing thicker by the month!

Price: $750/treatment

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