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Skincare: Dermaplaning Facial


Description: Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment with medical-grade blade to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) from the face.

Benefit: This service elicits the glow from beneath the dead skin cells to restore your natural luminosity.

Price: Begins at $175 (or a $75 add-on to any other facial).

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Skincare: HydraFacials


Three levels: Basic, Deluxe, Platinum

Basic Hydrafacial: Perfect for those that just need a refresher, and/or monthly exfoliating and hydration. Includes the basic three serums:   exfoliating, extracts, hydrating.

Deluxe Hydrafacial: Includes everything that the basic hydrafacial has but also uses correction boosters for pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles acnes, redness and skin brightening.  This therapy also incluees red and blue light therapy which kills skin bacteria.

Platinum Hydrafacial: Includes the Deluxe elements but also has a lymphatic drainage element which stiulates collagen and reduces inflammation.  This facial has a hydradermabrasion included with a wet diamond tip for a maximum texture improvement.  If you are looking for a microdermabrasion, this is your treatment.

Price: Basic $199, Deluxe is $249, Platinum $299

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Skincare: Customized Facial


Description: This is a deep cleansing facial experience.  It includes a light facial massage and specifically selected serums, creams, and steam or red light therapy depending on your skin condition.

Benefit: This is a great way for our estheticians to get to know your skin and tailor a treatment especially suited to your needs.  A custom facial is a luxurious medical-grade service that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and deeply clean.

Price: Starts at $150.

Tween/Teen Facials


Description: At Sparkle, we love to show our Tweens and Teens some facial love!  We will give your teen or tween the same attention to your skin as we give you! By doing a full skin assessment, we can do a full facial including steam, exfoliation, extraction, and a sparkly jelly mask! 

Benefits: We will have your adolescent’s face glowing and be able to advise the best medical grade skincare package that is safe for their age groups. 


$95 / treatment


VI Peel


Description: VI Peel is one of the most popular medical-grade chemical peels on the market because it is safe and effective for almost all skin types.  There are 5 different formulations, each to target specific problems such as active acne, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

Benefits: The benefit of doing a chemical peel is that you can lift up the upper layers of the skin to reveal fresh, new skin that lies beneath it.  You will peel on days 3-7, so prepare for a little social downtime while your skin rejuvenates!

Price: $350; $1150 package of 4

Before & After

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Description: PRX-T33 is a new generation TCA skin treatment. It is not a peel because it does not cause frost, but it acts deep within the tissue. Therefore, you are receiving the benefits that a peel can offer, without the peeling of the skin. The formula of PRX-T33 makes the treatment incredibly effective in penetrating the deeper layers of the skin, causing intense stimulation, immediate hydration, firmness and tightening of the skin, while leaving the top layer of the skin intact. The results of PRX-T33 treatment are immediate. Every treatment builds upon the last. One treatment, each a week apart, for 3 to 5 weeks is recommended for best results.

Benefits: PRX-T33 Treatment can be performed at any time of year and is safe for all skin types. It benefits aging, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damaged skin, scars, acne, stretch marks, melasma, and helps prevent dermal aging. It is non-invasive and has no downtime. It can be combined with other treatments like microneedling for additional benefits. 

Price: $350; $1150 package of 4


Before & After

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Skincare: Sparkle Infusion


Description: The Sparkle Infusion is a cocktail of botox, dermal filler, a glutathione skin lightener and a vitamin serum that is stamped into the skin with a microchanneling device (similar to microneedling but penetrates at a more shallow depth).

Benefits: The Sparkle Infusion brings the sparkle to your skin.  The Botox shrinks the pores and tightens the skin while the filler adds a bit of vital hyaluronic acid filler to the dermis, while the glutathione gets to work on evening out skin tone.  This is a great treatment for an upcoming event!

Before & After

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Description: SkinPen microneedling is a micro-needling tool that uses a medical-grade, sterile instrument to create tiny holes in your skin with very small needles. In response to these micro-injuries, your body produces collagen and elastin to heal the wound naturally. SkinPen doesn't use chemicals, heat or toxins to burn or remove layers of your skin or paralyze your facial muscles.

The famous “Vampire Facial” can also be performed at Sparkle Aesthetics.  This procedure is when we microneedle it into your skin for a rejuvenating treatment that accelerates your own body’s collagen cycle.  This is a way to maximize your microneedle results for an incredible, rejuvenating treatment.   Plan on a downtime of 1-2 days with this treatment.

Benefits: SkinPen is great for fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.  When used in conjunction with the Sparkle Infusion or PRP, you may see superior results!  It is recommended to do 3 treatments for maximum efficacy.


$350; $950 package of 3

with Sparkle Infusion: $750

with PRP: $750

with Exosomes: $700


Before & After

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The I Dream of Jeannie Microneedling


Description: This treatment is a combination of Botox and PRP microneedled into your skin with the Skinpen. The combination of these ingredients will leave your skin looking plump and glowing. The PRP has collagen-producing growth factors which helps to heal fine lines. The Botox applied through the dermis shrinks pores and minimizes oil production. The two work in combination with the controlled wound that is created by the Skinpen treatment which helps infuse these powerful ingredients into the skin to create a glow only a genie could dream up!

Price: $1,200

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