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Bridal Package


For any bride who desires glowing perfected skin for their special day.

This package gets your skin wedding ready through a combination of two Hydrafacials, Botox/Dysport, and SkinPen infusion. We provide a suggested timeline for booking for optimal results.

Price: $1400.00


• 2 Months prior to wedding day- a tailored Hydrafacial

• 1 Month prior to wedding day- Botox/Dysport up to $500.00 and the SkinPen infusion

• 1 week prior to wedding: the final Hydrafacial

Sculptra Bundles

+ Sculptra 2 vials for $1600

+ Sculptra 4 vials for $3000

+ Sculptra 6 vials for $4300


Sparkle and Shine


This package allows the client to address skin concerns such as acne scars, melasma, fine lines, texture issues, and overall skin damage. When you purchase the package you will meet with our medical aesthetician who will help you create a mix and match plan consisting of four treatments that are carried out in a specific time line to optimize reaching your skin goals.


Price: $1075.00

Treatments: Four total: Hydrafacial, Skinpen, and VI peel

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Sparkle Liquid Lift


This package achieves quality facial balance by restoring volume in the cheeks and jawline. This gives the face a very natural contour by highlighting the cheek bones and the jawline.

Price: $2750.00

Treatment: 5 syringes of filler

Jane Jetson's Jawline


This package is for those looking to contour their jawline, giving it a shaper appearance. Jawline contouring could also be used to reduce the appearance of jowls and restore age related volume loss in the lower face.


Price: $2250.00

Treatment: 4 syringes of filler

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Bewitched Contour 


This treatment is for those looking to define their cheeks and chin. Cheek and chin filler compliment each other to achieve facial balance.

Price: $1750.00

Treatment: 3 syringes of filler

SkinPen Package


SkinPen addresses skin concerns including acne scars, fine lines, sun damage, discoloration, and textural issue. Three treatments are the recommended minimum for this treatment.

Price: $950.00

Treatment: Three SkinPen micro needling sessions 


SkinPen PRP Package

SkinPen in combination with PRP maximizes your results. The combination of these services yields great collagen and elastin stimulation. Three sessions will allow for pigmentation reduction, fine line reduction, acne scar removal, and aids in getting more youthful skin.


Price: $1999.00

Treatment: Three sessions of SkinPen PRP

PRP Under Eye Package


This treatment addresses the fine lines and deep dark circles commonly found under the eyes. The injection platelet rich plasma stimulates collagen production and refreshes the face.


Price: $2300.00

Treatment: Three sessions of PRP under eye 

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