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Sculptra is an injectable biostimulant.

It is not a filler but instead it activates your own collagen cycle in the areas it is injected.  With age, your skin’s natural collage supply decreases and you’ll start to notice wrinkles and other signs of

facial aging.


Sculptra restores your own collagen gradually, and stops the aging process with lasting results.  Most people report significant improvement even at 2-3 years after their injections!  This is a perfect treatment who are looking to reverse aging without injection of typical hyaluronic acid filler.

Benefits & Pricing.


Sculptra activates your skin’s natural power to help revitalized collage production for a more youthful-looking appearance.

It is FDA-approved for the face but can revitalize the neck, decollete, saggy knees, and even hip dips for a

“sculptra butt lift.”  Please note that when you book Sculptra, we ask for at least 3 days notice in advance to prepare your product.  If you cancel after we have prepared your product, there will be a $500 cancellation fee. 


Price: $900/vial

Sculptra Bundles

+ Sculptra 2 vials for $1600

+ Sculptra 4 vials for $3000

+ Sculptra 6 vials for $4300

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Before & After

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