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? I'm getting Botox for the first time...Will it hurt

Eh, a little. Most people report it feels like a Little "Sting" or a pinch or an Antbite. It's over before you know it.

?I'm getting Filler for the first time...Will it hurt

Hardly. Most of the filler products include lidocaine so there is very little pain involved. ​

?Will I get "hooked" on botox

Most people who get botox continue to get botox for one reason: Because they love the way they feel and look while it's working. So you may get "hooked" in the same way you get Addicted to a great haircut!

​ ? ​Can i go exercise/drink alcohol/nap after getting botox/filler

NO! You'll need to plan on staying upright for 4 hours and ​not exerting yourself the day of your treatment.

?How many units of botox/filler will i need

This depends and varies wildly from Patient to patient. If your lines are deep or you have a lot of age-related volume loss, , you may need a lot of product. ​

?My friend/co-worker/aunt got botox and looks "frozen."  Will this happen to me

At the botox boutique, our goal is to make you look like yourself, only more youthful and refreshed. we always air on the side of "doing less" and adding more product if we need to. we will work with you to create your most confident you. ​

?Do you do parties

Yes. We can arrange to do parties at your location or ours with one of our injectors. ​We ask that you have a minumum of 8 people. Our same Referral program applies, for every new client at the hostess's party we will give you a $25 credit!

?Do you have a late cancellation fee

Yes. For appointments missed without notice or in under 24 hours you will be charge. $100 fee.

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